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Anatolian Factory

Anatolian is a Turkey based cymbal manufacturer since 1998. All cymbals are handcrafted and tested in our factory located in Istanbul. By years of experience and continue development, Anatolian consists of 14+ series from standard series, 10 series under Jazz Collection. All series of Anatolian is made with B20plus alloy.

What made us different is that our cymbals are produced with a technique called "molecule processing". This makes our sound rich and controlled, sensitive to dynamic and touch in various type of vibration patterns. For Jazz Collection, we have a different processing procedure called "double pressing", which make these 10 series outstanding in sound.

Anatolian是鑔片生產商,位於土耳其伊斯坦堡,始於1998年,致力於生產優質鑔片。Anatolian每片鑔片都是以B20 plus合金為材料,由擁有多年經驗的鑔片工匠團隊親手鑄造。

生產線有有十五+款標準系列(Standard Series),以獨有的分子處理技術(Molecule processing)生產,掌控每塊鑔片的個性,包括鍊片的音頻、泛音、震動慣性等等;另外有十個系列屬於爵士總匯(Jazz Collection),以獨家的雙壓技術(Double Pressing)生產鑔片,使薄薄的爵士鑔片(jazz cymbals)擁有極好的反應和極細緻的音質。除此以外,Anatolian獨有的表層處理技術為鑔片帶來不同的色彩變化。

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