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Signature Models

Standard Models

BopWorks Birdland

Birdland Model

List Price: $157
2022 Sale: $100

The BopWorks original! Ultra thin with long taper and full tip. Designed specifically for the drummer who requires a light sticks that won't produce excessive overtones on the ride cymbals.

BopWork 40s' Swing Classic

40s' Swing Classic Model

List Price: $157
2022 Sale: $100

Faithfully recreated from the exact model 40's stick

played by one of Swing Music's greatest drummers*.



The Swing Classic captures the sound of the 40's

with its the traditional triangle tip and taper.


Versatile, perfect for the Jazz trio up to big band.

Relive the 40's with sticks that helped define the music.

BopWorks Rhythm Groovz

Rhythm & Groovz

List Price: $157
2022 Sale: $100

Bopworks' largest stick ever at 16 1/4". The Rhythm and Groovz has a 5B style thickness (.590) on the shaft.

The 7 "taper ends in a medium small tip. This new model gives you a larger stick feel with great cymbal control .

Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces. This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.

BopWorks West Coast Model

West Coast Model

List Price: $157
2022 Sale: $100

Inspired by the "Cool Jazz" West Coast scene of the fifties.

Slightly longer and thicker than the "Birdland Model",

with a great response on ride cymbals.

BopWorks Memphis R&B

Memphis R&B Model

List Price: $157
2022 Sale: $100

The Memphis R&B features a taper slightly longer than 5 of its 16" overall length combined with diameter of .570. This provides that satisfying feel of "heft in the hand", while the should-to-tip blend guaranteed a balanced cymbal sound.

BopWorks Art Blakey

Art Blakey 8D Model

List Price: $181
2022 Sale: $120

One of hard Bop's greatest exponents, master of the smokin' press roll of death.

Decades of the leading the great Jazz Messenger bands have earned him

his place in history.


The Art Blakey 8 D Model has been reproduced exactly

from his 60's model stick - the longer taper and triangle tip make this

stick ideal for almost any application.


Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces. This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy..

BopWorks Mel Lewis Pair

Mel Lewis 7D Model

List Price: $181
2022 Sale: $120

This is an exact recreation of his 60's stick right down

to the taper and tip. As with all our signature sticks,

we take special care to the fine details.


The 7D has a 5A feel for thickness, but the shorter

length allows for more control on hand hammered cymbals.

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