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Anatolian cymbals bag (deluxe)

Anatolian cymbals bag (deluxe)

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Anatolian deluxe cymbals bag


- 前袋可放置15"以下鑔片

- 後袋可放置22"或以下鑔片

- 後袋有四層,三塊分層墊,並有加厚護層

- 三種攜帶方法:背包揹雙帶,斜揹帶,加厚手挽

- 一般可放置8-10塊鑔片


- front bag for cymbals under 15"

- rear bag for cymbals under 22"

- rear bag offer four slots with isolating pad between each slot. 

- exrta protection pad added to shell part of front and rear bag

- three types of carrying: back carry, single stripe, hand held

- capable for approximately 8-10 cymbals

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