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Custom Drums

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CafeKit 簡便.jpeg


100% 椴木 (basswood)


  • Bass Drum: 14" x 11″

  • Snare Drum: 12" x 5"

  • High Tom: 10" x 5.5"

  • Low Tom: 12" x 6"

cafekit spec (small)_edited.jpg

About CafeKit - Odery

The project was ready to go! Cafekit was created initially with children in mind. Usually, they start with a beginner kit. If they become a drummer later, that first kit usually becomes useless, because it’s impossible to play professionally with a starter instrument. Our project is unique in the sense that it offers an expanding kit, one that enables the mini kit to become a “regular” kit in the future, increasing significantly the life of the instrument. Of course, even as a mini kit, it IS a professional drum set, and not a toy.

Obviously—and we already knew that—Cafekit soon became a hit with all the grown ups who want a compact kit for quick gigs in smaller venues, and even bigger stages, why not? Convenient to carry, easy to set up, and it sounds great. Made of 100% basswood, with beautiful see-through new lugs, ergonomic hardware that is easy to handle. When coupled with the expanded set, the tom holders become arms for splash cymbals or percussion accessories. In other words, a drum kit for everyone, versatile and full of charisma. That is Cafekit.

cafekit poster 4.jpg
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